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“Our health care focus should begin on the farm and in well being, and not in laboratories of the biotech or pharmaceutical companies.”

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Sante Barley International

About Santé Barley
SANTE Barley is one of the fastest growing distribution companies in the Philippines. We offer premier organic health and wellness products and services aimed at helping improve quality of life.

Founded in 2008, SANTE Barley is governed by a formidable team of leaders backed by a combined marketing experience of 50 years. We built and continue to drive business growth through the dedication of our independent distributors.

Driven by our promise to bring best-value wellness products and services in every home, SANTE Barley is committed to equip and empower our distributors who serve as the channel towards a healthy and active lifestyle for our consumers.

THE SANTE Barley STORY - How Barley Became SANTE’s Green Pasture
The grass was always greener on the other side for others, but not on ours though. This was the sad reality for my partners and me when we started our very first networking company.

We were puzzled by the challenges that we faced. Network marketing was always our passion and have always believed in its power to help people live better lives.

Questions led to even more questions until we finally got down to the very root of it: Not only are we to help people but it should be partnered with the right product to help them with.

In 2007, our Team learned about the powerful properties of Barley, a product that is endorsed by the US Food and Drug Administration, but had yet to make its presence known in the Philippines. In no time, we set our product development team to research on the wholesome goodness of Barley. Assured of its powerful properties, we decided to develop a comprehensive selection of everyday products that is Barley-based.

In 2008, SANTE was born.

Soon after, sales skyrocketed to levels none of us were prepared for. We had to scramble to maintain stock inventory. Testimonies came flooding in. Our branches tripled in number within a year. Distributors started earning more than their expectations. Requests for international operations from different parts of the world swamped our hotlines. We received breakthrough after breakthrough after breakthrough!

True to why we started, we are now helping people live better lives, with an improved quality of life plus a comfortable lifestyle. The passion that told us not to quit, is the same passion that drives us to forge ahead with even greater resolve.

Today, the grass is greener at Santé Barley.

South East Asia Certified Organic Barley Dealers

Sante Barley Brunei Sante Barley Bandar Seri Begawan / Sante Barley Belait Sante Barley Muara Certified Organic Barley / Sante Barley Berakas / Sante Barley Gadong / Sante Barley Kianggeh / Sante Barley Kilanas / Sante Barley Kota Batu / Sante Barley Lumapas / Sante Barley Temburong / Sante Barley Bangar / Sante Barley Batu Apoi / Sante Barley Tutong / Sante Barley Rambai / Sante Barley Tanjong Maya / Sante Barley Telisai / Sante Barley Ukong Certified Organic Barley 
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Sante Barley Cambodia / Sante Barley Phnom PenhSante Barley  Sante Barley East Timor / Sante Barley Dili /

Sante Barley Indonesia / Sante Barley Jakarta /

Sante Barley Laos / Sante Barley Vientiane / Sante Barley Malaysia / Sante Barley Kuala Lumpur / Sante Barley Myanmar / Sante Barley Nay Pyi Taw / Sante Barley  / Sante Barley Manila / Sante Barley Singapore /

Sante Barley Thailand /Sante Barley Bangkok / Sante Barley Phuket / Sante Barley Pattaya / Sante Barley Chiang Mai / Sante Barley Koh Samui / Sante Barley Krabi / Sante Barley Hua Hin / Sante Barley Rayong / Sante Barley Cha Am /Sante Barley Chiang Rai / Sante Barley Koh PhanganSante Barley Mae Hong Son / Sante Barley Khao Lak / Sante Barley Khon Kaen / Sante Barley Koh Tao / Sante Barley Petchaboon / Sante Barley Phi Phi Island / Sante Barley Kanchanaburi more... Sante Barley Thailand

Sante Barley Vietnam / Sante Barley Hanoi

Sante Barley India /Sante Barley Bangalore / Sante Barley Jaipur / Sante Barley Manali / Sante Barley Mumbai / Sante Barley New Delhi / Sante Barley Pune more... Sante Barley India

East Asia Certified Organic Barley Dealers

Sante Barley China (PRC) / Sante Barley Beijing / Sante Barley  Sante Barley Guangzhou / Sante Barley  Sante Barley Qingdao / Sante Barley Shanghai / Sante Barley  Sante Barley Shenzhen / Sante Barley Suzhou / Sante Barley Tianjin Certified Organic Barley 
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Sante Barley Hong Kong (PRC) / Sante Barley Central / Sante Barley Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre / Sante Barley Hung Hom / Sante Barley Jordan / Sante Barley Kowloon City / Sante Barley  Sante Barley Mongkok / Sante Barley New Territories / Sante Barley  Sante Barley West Kowloon / Sante Barley Western District / Sante Barley Yaumatei Certified Organic Barley

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Sante Barley Japan / Sante Barley Fukuoka / Sante Barley Hakodate / Sante Barley Hiroshima / Sante Barley KobeSante Barley Kumamoto / Sante Barley Kyoto / Sante Barley Nagoya / Sante Barley Narita Airport / Sante Barley Okinawa / Sante Barley Osaka / Sante Barley Sapporo / Sante Barley Sendai / Sante Barley Tokyo / Sante Barley Yokohama more... Sante Barley Japan

Sante Barley Macau (PRC) / Sante Barley Mongolia / Sante Barley Ulaanbaatar / Sante Barley South Korea / Sante Barley Seoul / Sante Barley Taiwan (ROC) / Sante Barley Taipe

Health History

The definition of health has evolved over time. In keeping with the biomedical perspective, early definitions of health focused on the theme of the body's ability to function; health was seen as a state of normal function that could be disrupted from time to time by disease. An example of such a definition of health is: "a state characterized by anatomic, physiologic, and psychological integrity; ability to perform personally valued family, work, and community roles; ability to deal with physical, biological, psychological, and social stress". Then, in 1948, in a radical departure from previous definitions, the World Health Organization (WHO) proposed a definition that aimed higher: linking health to well-being, in terms of "physical, mental, and social well-being, and not merely the absence of disease and infirmity". Although this definition was welcomed by some as being innovative, it was also criticized as being vague, excessively broad, and was not construed as measurable. For a long time it was set aside as an impractical ideal and most discussions of health returned to the practicality of the biomedical model.

Just as there was a shift from viewing disease as a state to thinking of it as a process, the same shift happened in definitions of health. Again, the WHO played a leading role when it fostered the development of the health promotion movement in the 1980s. This brought in a new conception of health, not as a state, but in dynamic terms of resiliency, in other words, as "a resource for living". The 1984 WHO revised definition of health defined it as "the extent to which an individual or group is able to realize aspirations and satisfy needs, and to change or cope with the environment. Health is a resource for everyday life, not the objective of living; it is a positive concept, emphasizing social and personal resources, as well as physical capacities". Thus, health referred to the ability to maintain homeostasis and recover from insults. Mental, intellectual, emotional, and social health referred to a person's ability to handle stress, to acquire skills, to maintain relationships, all of which form resources for resiliency and independent living.

Since the late 1970s, the federal Healthy People Initiative has been a visible component of the United States’ approach to improving population health. In each decade, a new version of Healthy People is issued, featuring updated goals and identifying topic areas and quantifiable objectives for health improvement during the succeeding ten years, with assessment at that point of progress or lack thereof. Progress has been limited for many objectives, leading to concerns about the effectiveness of Healthy People in shaping outcomes in the context of a decentralized and uncoordinated US health system. Healthy People 2020 gives more prominence to health promotion and preventive approaches, and adds a substantive focus on the importance of addressing societal determinants of health. A new expanded digital interface facilitates use and dissemination rather than bulky printed books as produced in the past. The impact of these changes to Healthy People will be determined in the coming years.

Systematic activities to prevent or cure health problems and promote good health in humans are undertaken by health care providers. Applications with regard to animal health are covered by the veterinary sciences. The term "healthy" is also widely used in the context of many types of non-living organizations and their impacts for the benefit of humans, such as in the sense of healthy communities, healthy cities or healthy environments. In addition to health care interventions and a person's surroundings, a number of other factors are known to influence the health status of individuals, including their background, lifestyle, and economic, social conditions, and spirituality; these are referred to as "determinants of health." Studies have shown that high levels of stress can affect human health.

Natural and Organic Lifestyle

Organic foods are foods produced by methods that comply with the standards of organic farming. Standards vary worldwide; however, organic farming in general, features practices that strive to foster cycling of resources, promote ecological balance, and conserve biodiversity. Organizations regulating organic products may choose to restrict the use of certain pesticides and fertilizers in farming. In general, organic foods are also usually not processed using irradiation, industrial solvents or synthetic food additives.

Healthy Diet

A healthy diet is one that helps to maintain or improve overall health.

A healthy diet provides the body with essential nutrition: fluid, adequate essential amino acids from protein, essential fatty acids, vitamins, minerals, and adequate calories. The requirements for a healthy diet can be met from a variety of plant-based and animal-based foods. A healthy diet supports energy needs and provides for human nutrition without exposure to toxicity or excessive weight gain from consuming excessive amounts. Where lack of calories is not an issue, a properly balanced diet (in addition to exercise) is also thought to be important for lowering health risks, such as obesity, heart disease, type 2 diabetes, hypertension and cancer.

Various nutrition guides are published by medical and governmental institutions to educate the public on what they should be eating to promote health. Nutrition facts labels are also mandatory in some countries to allow consumers to choose between foods based on the components relevant to health.

The idea of dietary therapy (using dietary choices to maintain health and improve poor health) is quite old and thus has both modern scientific forms (medical nutrition therapy) and prescientific forms (such as dietary therapy in traditional Chinese medicine).

Healthy Recommendation

The World Health Organization (WHO) makes the following 5 recommendations with respect to both populations and individuals:

  • Eat roughly the same amount of calories that your body is using and maintain a healthy weight.

  • Limit intake of fats, and prefer unsaturated fats to saturated fats and trans fats.

  • Increase consumption of plant foods, particularly fruits, vegetables, legumes, whole grains and nuts.

  • Limit the intake of sugar. A 2003 report recommends less than 10% of calorie intake from simple sugars.

  • Limit salt / sodium consumption from all sources and ensure that salt is iodized.

Other recommendations include:
  • Essential micronutrients such as vitamins and certain minerals.

  • Avoiding directly poisonous (e.g. heavy metals) and carcinogenic (e.g. benzene) substances.

  • Avoiding foods contaminated by human pathogens (e.g. E. coli, tapeworm eggs).

  • WHO recommends an intake of less than 5 grams of salt per day for the prevention of cardiovascular disease.

The Human Nutrition

Human nutrition refers to the provision of essential nutrients necessary to support human life and health. Generally, people can survive up to 40 days without food, a period largely depending on the amount of water consumed, stored body fat, muscle mass and genetic factors.

Poor nutrition is a chronic problem often linked to poverty, poor nutrition understanding and practices, and deficient sanitation and food security. Malnutrition and its consequences are immense contributors to deaths and disabilities worldwide. Promoting good nutrition helps children grow, promotes human development and eradication of poverty.

Certified Organic Barley : The Advantages of Sante Pure Barley

Certified Organic Barley
Not every farm that claims to be organic is organic.

Sante provides only organic barley from farms certified by BioGro NZ, New Zealand’s leading organic certification agency. BioGro is accredited by the International Federation of Organic Agriculture MOvements (IFOAM) which represents the best in international organic standards.

The BioGro certificate assures us that there are no unsafe levels of heavy metal, herbicide, and insecticide residues. NZ farms cannot be “certified organic” if unsafe residues are found. The farm must undergo residue testing as part of its certification.

Guaranteed Young Barley Leaves
The young leaves of organic barley are harvested only once, when they are below 30cm in height. Only the barley tops, where nutrients are concentrated, are harvested. No second or third harvest of young barley leaves are in any of Sante Pure Barley products.

Guaranteed Pure
Every Sante Barley Pure New Zealand 500mg Capsule contains pure barley, without any additives or artificial color.

Guaranteed Fresh
Freshly harvested barley is immediately transported to the manufacturing plant for dying, milling, and packing. It takes only 1 -6 hours between harvest and drying of fresh barley leaves using a patented process that assures preservation of vitamins, minerals. enzymes, and amino acids.

Vegetable Capsules
Sante Barley Pure is packed in vegetable capsules. It is safe for vegetarians and vegans.

Sante Barley Pure is packed in blister strips of 10 capsules each for handy and convenient use, anywhere and anytime.

The Health Benefits of the Certified Organic Barley

Powerful antioxidant
Contains soluble and insoluble fiber for weight management
Lowers blood pressure
Reduces risk of heart disease
Powerful detoxifier
Lowers cholesterol level
Reduces the risk of cancer – fights cancer
Great source of vitamins, minerals and amino acids
Rich in chlorophyll (improves oxygenation, with anti mutagenic and anti-cancer properties, repairs damage to cells and tissue)


Sante Barley Testimonial: Diabetes Video Testimonial

Diabetes mellitus (DM), commonly referred to as diabetes, is a group of metabolic disorders in which there are high blood sugar levels over a prolonged period. Symptoms of high blood sugar include frequent urination, increased thirst, and increased hunger. If left untreated, diabetes can cause many complications. Acute complications can include diabetic ketoacidosis, hyperosmolar hyperglycemic state, or death. Serious long-term complications include cardiovascular disease, stroke, chronic kidney disease, foot ulcers, and damage to the eyes.

More Highly Alkaline Barley Testimonials

Fusion Coffee
Fusion Coffee

Santé Fusion Coffee brings you a 15gram velvety combination of organic Barley grass powder and Robusta coffee beans. Meticulously blended for the health conscious and the café connoisseur, Santé Fusion Coffee will give you that wonderful taste energizing both your mind and your body

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Health and Nutrition Quotes:
“The only way to keep your health is to eat what you don’t want, drink what you don’t like, and do what you’d rather not.” ~Mark Twain

“To insure good health: eat lightly, breathe deeply, live moderately, cultivate cheerfulness, and maintain an interest in life.” ~William Londen

Client Feedback: Thank you for the fast and reliable transaction! SUPER AYOS DEAL. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED
Looking forward to doing business with you again. More power to the team!

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